The AccuTrain Connect websites have several different functions and tabs to help users navigate and operate the website as easily as possible. All the tabs lie on the left side of the screen. The tabs are named DashboardSettingsUser ManagementTraining ManagementTrainingStory Feeds, and Reports. Below will be brief paragraphs detailing what can be found in each tab.


The Dashboard tab shows the total users on the website, along with the active amount of users and the active course users. There will also be a circular chart showing training completion with red being the amount of training not completedgreen being what training has been completed and blue being the training in progress.


The Settings tab shows all the settings for the website. Listed will be the language the website is currently formatted in, the time zone being used on the website, the date format, or the specific way the date is written on the website, the time format, or the specific way the date is written on the website. The group types on the website, the indication of whether or not E-mail notifications are on, and whether or not a registration email with an invite code can be sent can also be found in the Settings tab.


The User Management tab has two sub-tabs reading Users and Groups. In the Users tab, a list of all registered users currently on the site can be located along with their usernames, email addresses, status as active or inactive user on the site, and the option to delete the user or edit their information. In the Groups tab, you can search for users based on the group type they are in and the location that user is placed. On the top right side of the screen, the option to shuffle through the group types and add new groups is available.


The Training Assignment tab has two sub-tabs under it titled Assignment and Reset Training. In the Assignment tab users or groups can be assigned to specific courses by clicking on the course title and then by clicking either the Enroll Users button or Enroll groups button on the top right side of the screen and then selecting the users or groups to assign that course too. In the Reset Training tab a user(s) training progress can be reset for a specific course by selecting a course to reset, selecting the user(s), and then clicking the reset button at the bottom left of the screen. 


The Training tab has a sub-tab named Courses underneath it. The Courses tab leads to all the assigned or available courses located on the site. Story Feeds are posts and messages made on the site that can be viewed by any user using the site.


The Reports tab allows an Administrator to view overall Learner Progress, Learner Course Progress, User Training Status, Learner Certificates, and Historical Learner Courses. The difference between learner progress and learner course progress is that learner progress will give the percentage of every course assigned put together whereas learner course progress will give a percentage of every course individually. By viewing these two things an Administrator can tell who is behind on their training and how much training each person has completed and what training still needs to be done. User Training Status tells the progress of a specific course for every user it has been assigned to and whether or not the user has activated their account. Learner Certificates give the confirmation certificate for a user of any course they have completed and the option to print it. Historical Learner Progress shows the last date the course was opened, along with the course status and the date the course was completed.