1. Sign in to AccuEd Connect. (Only Administrators can reset training)

  2. Look on the left-hand side of the screen and find where it says “Training management”.

  3. A tab that says “Reset Training” will appear. Click on it.

  4. Once you have clicked on the tab, select the box under the word Courses on the screen.

  5. Select the course you would like to reset. (Only one course can be reset at a time.)

  6. Once the course is selected, click the box next to the user(s) whose training progress you want to reset. (To bulk reset, select the box next to the word Name. The box will have a blue checkmark when it has been selected.)

  7. yellow check mark should appear inside the box. 

  8. Once the yellow checkmark is visible next to the user name, click the reset button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  9. A prompt will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the training reset. Click OK.

  10. The user training should be completely reset for that course.

(Please note that if the box next to the user name is gray, the user has not started the course, and there is no data to reset.)