The first step that should be taken in figuring out why a video is not loading on the AccuEd Connect  site is to determine if it is happening to one person or if multiple people have the same video that is not loading. If it is happening to only one person, then there may be something wrong with that specific computer. Some solutions may be restarting the computer, using a different browser such as Safari or Explorer, trying “private” or “incognito mode” which will disable any browser add-ons or extensions that could be causing the video to not load, or switching computers.

    If multiple people are having the same issue then the network being used may be preventing anyone from accessing the website.  The IT department at the school should be contacted to help solve the issue. If it is determined that the issue is not the network being used and it is the AccuEd Connect  site, contact a member of the AccuTrain support team for further assistance. To get in contact with the AccuTrain support team, email